Covid-19 Information

Last Updated: November 16, 2021

Home Deliveries

(Consignor: sender of goods; Consignee: recipient of the goods)

When making deliveries our delivery drivers have been instructed to stand two meters back from the consignee at all times.

Customers must check with the consignee whether the consignee or a member of the household is self-isolating before sending us the goods.

If there is a consignee or household member self-isolating we need to be made aware of this in the delivery notes and first line of the address. The process will be that we will call the consignee and allow them to confirm they want the goods, the goods will then be left outside the house without a signature and the driver will sign the proof of delivery with the consignee’s given name.


HGV Driver Access to Facilities

We appreciate that many businesses may be exploring every avenue to protect their workforce including changes to access to toilet facilities to visitors.

Our trade association (the UK Road Haulage Association, RHA) have asked all their members to forward the letter in the link below to any client or business premises that restrict access to welfare facilities to visiting drivers.

Please see below an update from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and a joint statement from the HSE & Department for Transport on the matter.

It is not our belief that either source is offering instruction contrary to the COVID-19 Government workplace guidelines published in May and updated in June 2020. In the Vehicles section (part 8) it references this:

We have seen a large number of businesses add a portaloo to their site(s) specifically for visiting drivers; in our view a very practical measure to take if they do not wish visiting drivers to share the same facilities as employees.


Customer Own Paperwork

Following Government Advice, The Association of Pallet Networks has changed its procedure to handle the capture of customer signatures at delivery points.

To protect both the driver and the customer from potential exposure to the virus, with immediate effect drivers will no longer be required to obtain signed customer paperwork.

If customer paperwork is required the sending customer is responsible to affix this to the pallet and having the delivery point retain this. In effect, we will no longer process customer paperwork.

We appreciate that not having a signature from your customer is not ideal, but trying to preserve the safety of everyone is paramount.


Hazardous Paperwork

We will continue to handle hazardous paperwork as normal, however, please understand that some businesses may have their own guidelines to follow that may affect its signature and/or return.


Digital Signature Capture

We will continue to retrieve electronic delivery information during this time on our digital capture devices.

Electronic devices / manual notes will be signed by the driver as follows: Date, Customer Surname and Covid-19. This will be uploaded to our eTransport system in the normal way.

Proof of Delivery documents for deliveries to Amazon will be obtained as normal (manifests for consolidated freight per trailer).

Please can you notify your staff of the change in procedure so that they are aware that a representative from their customer will not be signing for the delivery to avoid any delay in payment to your business.

We have had confirmation from our goods in transit insurers that these working practices are acceptable in the current circumstances.