Logistics firm Stiller the latest to sign up for Sparta Security services

Published: 15 Jul 2020

Sparta Security have secured another major contract to increase their Task Force patrols on Aycliffe Business Park. Stiller are the latest company on the park to sign up for the Aycliffe-based firm’s modern-day security expertise and former forces-led patrols.

Chairman Francis-Charles Jones is convinced Sparta’s impact on the business park in the year establishing its base there has had a major impact on crime in the area and that has been noted by the business community. 

Sparta’s close links to Durham Police helped secure a firm ring around his clients’ locked down premises, adding to the firm’s growing reputation.

Stiller Warehousing and Distribution is the latest major firm to join the Sparta list and like any new company, go through stringent preventative advice after inspecting the warehouses. 

Francis said: “We are providing security response patrols and guards for Stiller as they have just expanded to another area on the business park and our operation is expanded as well.

“We have a high-profile presence, a quick response and that’s the reason we have got the work.

“It’s great to liaise and work with companies like Stiller. It gets our name out there. Our workload is increasing, so we have brought in more staff and keep our presence out there.”

With more than 25 years’ experience in security, Francis set up Sparta in Darlington and it has extended across the North-East.

As well as Stiller in Newton Aycliffe, he recently signed deals with manufacturing companies in Sunderland and Leeds. The company, and the now familiar white 4×4 trucks, moved into Aycliffe at the start of the year.

The Sparta Task Force kept the park secure during the recent lockdown with so many premises closed.

More than 100 guards provided covert surveillance for properties and a number of businesses across the park implemented its bespoke services during lockdown. 

Their presence was 24/7 and their white vans and SIA-certified guards, largely made up of ex-military personnel, constantly patrolled every street and corner of the area with the latest hi-tech equipment, CCTV and night and day patrols.

Francis added: “These things cost money, but it gives you peace of mind. So business owners who had enough to worry bout could just concentrate on what was going on at home, knowing their business premises were secure.

“We are winning contracts because we offer peace of mind and have a good customer relationship, liaising daily after guards have patrolled their business. Sparta recommend observations to the client rather than them recommend to us. We are proactive which is what they are paying us for!

“You don’t hire a cook and start telling them how to bake a cake – our operations team encounter the same problems time and time again and we are knowledgeable and experienced in deterring crime away from a Sparta business.

“As a result, our client list includes the likes of The Raby Estate, ISG International, EDF Energy, Bellway Homes, the Ministry of Defence and many more.”